The Expanse — a Show So Good Jeff Bezos Decided to Save It

Source: AF archive/Alamy Stock Photo/SYFY

Real Villains With Real Motives

A lot of science fiction suffers from badly written antagonists — they’re evil just for the sake of the plot. The Expanse, however, has great Villains:

  • Each one reveals aspects of the human condition such as greed, hatred, insecurity and ego. This makes them unique and leads to great dialogue, situations and lore.

Amazing World-Building

No small detail is spared. The creators of this show have put a lot of effort into making its universe authentic and it shows.

Realistic Science. Realistic Fiction

I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering so unrealistic science really pisses me off in shows and movies.

  • The ships behave exactly like real-life spacecraft. They don’t behave like planes in space that make long sweeping turns while banking. Also, when they need to stop or change direction, the ship has to point its engine in the right place and then accelerate accordingly.

Unparalleled Space Battles

The ships in the show are some of the best I’ve seen in any sci-fi IP. They all straddle the fine line between realism and fantasy, with massive helpings of utilitarian cool. The space combat here puts Star Wars to shame. There is a real sense of danger, nobody’s guaranteed to survive and it’s never clear if there’s a way out.

Politics made entertaining

In a nutshell, the three main powers of the future Solar System are Earth, Mars and the loosely allied people of the asteroid belt. Each side has its unique style and interests, and somewhat represent the superpowers of today.

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